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How Classic? 4 out of 6

Released: January 31, 1989

Contrary to what many believe Too Short grew up in South Central L.A. Before his parents relocated to Oakland during his teenage years. But it was in Oakland that Too Short began his musical endeavors using a LinnDrum drum-machine to create simple beats to rap over.

Having first the knowledge of drum beats from being in the high school marching band, the beats were raw and simple, however on Life Is...Too Short they began to develop more musicality. The way they developed their sound was by recreating established funk riffs themselves but not sampling them. 

The title track is a great example of this with its funky ''guitar'' riff played on a keyboard and a nice bass line. The lyrics are also great, showing Short's positive messages (which he always incorporated on earlier albums)  which tell of the futility of drug dealing. 

Another great song on the album is the bass-heavy ''I Ain't Trippin'' where Short details lifestyle as a rap artist and how he takes it all with a laid-back attitude. While ''Don't Fight The Feeling'' has a bass-line which out-funks even the best-lines on this album and it features female rapper Danger Zone and Rappin' 4-Tay.

When it comes to musicality ''City of Dope'' is the best example as it has a live guitar played by Too Short's engineer Al Eaton. It was Eaton who was responsible for much of the sound on Life Is Too Short and he was also the man behind the sound of Too Short's classic song ''The Ghetto'' from his subsequent album Short Dog's in the House.



Life Is Too...Short is Short's best-selling album to date with over 2 million copies sold and it was an album showed a musical development. There are no dud tracks and the songs are interesting lyrically and musically. His lyrics are inspired and competent, and he even shares some positive pro-active messages. 

PS Many people think this album was released in 1989 but it was actually released on January 31, 1988 (it re-released by Jive Records in 1989).

The back cover of  Life's Too Short  showing the inside of a grave looking up

The back cover of Life's Too Short showing the inside of a grave looking up

How Classic Is Life Is...Too Short?

CLASSIC: None | GREAT: Life Is Too Short, I Ain't Trippin', Don't Fight The Feeling, City of Dope | GOOD: Rhymes, Nobody Does It Better, Oakland, Cusswords, Pimp the Ho
Alexander Ramalho