DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's Summer Madness - Homebase Album Review

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Homebase was sort of a comeback album for DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, selling to platinum status and winning a Grammy for best single with ''Summertime''. A lot had happened since And In This Corner... with Will Smith getting his own sitcom on NBC as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which was about to begin its second season at the time of this release. 

Stylistically they continue to develop the organic sound from their previous album but this time they adopt more of a dance-oriented sound which they apply to all the songs except ''Summertime'' which has a more traditional hip-hop sound, although it definitely pushes the envelope in the genre production wise.

Vocally Will Smith adopted a deeper voice on Homebase which he did by request of the fans who had enjoyed his vocals on ''Then She Bit Me'' from And In This Corner... It's both enjoyable to listen and impressive that Will can switch his style so effortlessly and still rock the mic, which is a testament to his talent. 

Four singles were released from Homebase but none were more responsible for the success of the album than the classic song ''Summertime''. On this track, Will delivers an amazing performance where he envokes the feelings, visuals and smells of an urban summer with an acute sense of description showing again what an amazing storyteller and rapper he is. 



This is a solid album with a lot of funky music and interesting lyrics with Will focusing more on what sounds like his own personal life than ever before, with some of the lyrics being about dating life as a famous and successful young man. Of course, he takes the time to indulge us in some of his trademark light-hearted stories with ''Who Stole The DJ?'' where he plays a private detective trying to find a kidnapped, you guessed it, DJ! And ''You Saw My Blinker'', where Will shows his grumpy side when he details what seems like a very bad day, in a story which involves a female date of his, an old lady driving a car and having to meet up in court!

How Classic Is DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's Homebase Album?

CLASSIC: Summertime | GREAT: None | GOOD: I'm All That, The Things U Do, This Boy Is Smooth, Ring My Bell, A Dog Is A Dog, Caught In The Middle, You Saw My Blinker | OKAY: Trapped On The Dance Floor, Who Stole The DJ?, Dumb Dancin'
Alexander Ramalho