Making Hip-Hop Reviews Great Again

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Do you remember reading The Source magazine during the 1990's and how you would eagerly flip the pages until you got to the end where the reviews where? Ahhhh, that great feeling! For us who remember this, we would use these reviews to help us choose which albums we wanted to invest our money into. They really meant something and they were credible. In fact, they were so credible that The Source only gave out their best rating to a handful of albums through the years.

The Source 's  old  watered down 5-mic system

The Source's old watered down 5-mic system

As some might know (some don't) The Source ruined their credibility forever and watered down the entire hip-hop community's idea of a classic album when they retroactively gave a whole host of albums a perfect 5 mic rating. That very moment lowered the bar for everyone past and present to achieve something that used to be very special. Things have not been same since, with fans giving a whole range of albums "5 mics". It no longer means anything other than "this album is good and/or it's nostalgic to me as a listener."

The  new   Classic Hip-Hop Magazine  system takes it back to basics

The new Classic Hip-Hop Magazine system takes it back to basics

So now Classic Hip-Hop Magazine wants to correct the error which was committed by The Source and re-instate a credible and new legendary rating system. This will be done in primarily two ways, First: By applying a mathematical approach to an album's rating, where quality over quantity is key to the overall rating. Second: CHHM will take the "5 Mics" rating and give it a more organic rating of "1 to 6", ala the six sides of a dice. This "one-ups" The Source's rating by making it harder to achieve, but it also adds more definition to the ratings.

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Alexander Ramalho