What Movies Did Tupac Play In? (Watch All The Trailers Here)

Tupac “2Pac” Shakur played in 6 movies: Juice, Poetic Justice, Above The Rim, Bullet, Gridlock'd, and Gang Related. WATCH ALL THE TRAILERS HERE 

Juice (1992)


Shot in 1991, Juice is Tupac Shakur's acting debut. In this movie, he plays a character named Roland Bishop, a high-school kid growing up in Harlem. The film centers on Bishop and his crew.  It follows the day-to-day activities in the young men's lives starting out as innocent mischief but growing more serious as time passes by.

Above The Rim (1993) 


Above The Rim tells the story of a promising New York City high school basketball star and his relationships with two people; one a drug dealer (Tupac Shakur) and the other a basketball star now employed as a security guard at his former high school.



Poetic Justice (1994)


Poetic Justice is a romantic drama starring Janet Jackson (Justice) and Tupac (Lucky). Justice is a young woman living in South Central, Los Angeles. She works at a local hair salon but is also a talented poet. She experiences her boyfriend (Q-Tip) being shot and falls into a deep depression. Lucky is a single father who had to forcibly remove his daughter from his crackhead baby-momma. He works as a postman by day but dreams of a professional career in music.

Bullet (1996)


In Bullet Tupac plays a local drug kingpin (Tank) who has a score to settle with a 35-year-old Jewish ex-convict, played by Mickey Rourke, who stabbed in the eye while they were in prison.

Gridlock'd (1997)


In Gridlock'd Tupac (Spoon) plays a heroin addict who plays bass and sings background vocals in a spoken-word band. When one of their band members dies, 'Spoon' and Tim Roth's character 'Stretch' decide to kick their habit.

Gang Related (1997)

gang related 2.jpg

The film revolves around two corrupt cops played by James Belushi (Frank Divinci) and Tupac Shakur (Jake Rodriguez). They attempt to frame a homeless man for the murder of an undercover DEA agent they themselves had killed.

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