What Are Run-DMC's Biggest Hits?

Run-DMC have had three major hits during their career, one in the 1980s, one in the 1990s and one in the 2000s. That in itself is an amazing feat for a rap group as most rap artists will have a couple hits in a decade and never have one again. That’s not only true for rap artists, but it’s just more rare in rap.

Walk This Way (1986)

raising hell Walk this way.jpg

Appeared on Raising Hell

Run-DMC’s first smash hit happened in 1986 when they remixed Aerosmith’s 1975 hit song “Walk This Way”. Eventually the Steven Tyler (vocals) and Joe Perry (guitar) from Aerosmith joined and a re-recorded version was made. This version peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it helped Aerosmith revive their careers after their last album flopped. The “Walk This Way” single went Gold in the US, Canada and Silver in the UK.

Down with the King (1993)

dwtk single.jpg

Appeared on Down with the King

This single came after a string of unsuccessful singles off their previous album and it became their biggest hit since “Walk This Way”. It was produced by Pete Rock and featured Rock’s partner CL Smooth. The song is notable for having a very authentic hip-hop sound and the music video had many, many current hip-hop stars showing their respect for the legendary rap group from Hollis. The single peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it also became their only single to reach number one on the Hot Rap Singles chart. It went Gold in the US.

It’s Like That (Run-D.M.C. vs Jason Nevins)

its like that run dmc vs jason nevins.jpg

Appeared on Run-DMC’s Greatest Hits

“It’s Like That” was originally released in 1983 as one of the singles for their 1984 debut album. It did very well back then reaching number 15 on the Hot Rap Singles. But it became one of the biggest singles of all-time when it was remixed by house DJ Jason Nevins in 1997. Although it was remixed and released in 1997 it was a sleeper and didn’t take off until 1998. Once it started to break it really took off and ended up selling five million copies worldwide. It went to the number one spot in Canada, the UK, Australia and many European countries. It sold to multi platinum in the UK and Australia and went Platinum and Gold in others.



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