What Does RUN-D.M.C. Stand For?

The name of arguably the greatest hip-hop group of all-time is a combination of the names of the two rappers who make up Run-DMC. This conisists of their rapper names which are Run and DMC.

What Does Run’s Name Mean?

Embedded from   @RevRunWisdom

Embedded from @RevRunWisdom

Run’s name comes from Joseph Simmons’ old DJ name, which was DJ Run. After he became a ordained minister in 2004, he became Rev. Run.



What Does D.M.C. Stand For?

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Embedded from @THEKINGDMC

D.M.C. is an acronym for Devastating Mic Controller, but it's also an play on Darryl McDaniels’ birth name. Before picking up the microphone, he was a DJ (like Run) and went by the name Darryl Mac which was also his childhood nickname.

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