Was 2Pac From The East Coast? | Teenage Years In Baltimore (1984-1988)

Many people don’t know where Tupac grew up, so we made these series of articles to document the various places where Tupac lived during his life.

2Pac has called a lot of places home including Harlem, The Bronx, Baltimore, Marin County, Oakland, and Los Angeles. As a child and teenager, 2Pac and his family moved multiple times including living in various shelters around New York City. During the years of 0-13, Tupac and his family lived in the NYC boroughs of Harlem and The Bronx. Then in the summer of 1984 at the age of 13, Tupac and his family relocated to Baltimore, Maryland.

Courtesy of   worldatlas.com

Courtesy of worldatlas.com

Making the move together with Tupac was his younger sister Sekyiwa and his mother Afeni. When they got to Baltimore they moved into an apartment on the first floor of a brick row house at 3955 Greenmount Avenue.


Tupac and his family were able for the first time in their lives to experience a period of stability. The next four years of their lives would be in that small North Baltimore neighborhood of Pen Lucy.

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Alexander Ramalho