What Happened That Made Biggie Say "Blow Up Like The World Trade"?


Biggie 9/11

Did Biggie's lyrics from 1994 predict or forewarn us of the attacks on September 11, 2001? Is it possible that Biggie had inside information provided to him by the FBI? The simple answer is no because the lyrics are referencing the 1993 attack on Tower 1 (WTC), hence the singular use of ''blow up like the World Trade''.



The attack was carried out by Islamic fundamentalists as a response to American foreign policy and support of Israel. The attack was planned by Ramzi Yousef, a Kuwaiti whos uncle, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed Ali Fadden, who eight years later would become the principal planner of the attacks on 9/11.

According to Yousef, they planned for the explosion to collapse Tower 1 into Tower 2 and take down both buildings with a singular blast. The plan did not work, but it left a 30-m (98 ft) wide hole through four sublevels of concrete. Six people were killed in the blast including a 35-year-old pregnant woman.

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