What Does The Acronym EPMD Stand For?


The American hip-hop group from Brentwood, NY created the acronym, "EPMD", by concatenating their rapper names, Erick Sermon was "E" a.k.a. E Double, and Parrish Smith was "PMD" a.k.a. Parrish Mic Doc. Originally when the duo created the acronym it was spelled, "EEPMD", which stood for "Easy Erick and Parrish the Microphone Doctor". They soon dropped the extra "E" and simply went with "EPMD" which was easier to pronounce. After making the change they also decided to go with a new meaning, namely "Erick and Parrish Making Dollars" and at the same time they would keep the earlier incarnations which they would often mention in their raps.

Alexander Ramalho