How Did Ice-T Get His Nickname?


Before Ice-T became a rapper he had joined the army in pursuit of a legal way to make money for his newly born daughter, so he spent four years in the army. However upon returning to LA, he saw all his old friends enjoying the riches that had come through their illegal activities, so he decided to go back into his old hustling ways. But after amassing over 350 sneakers and going on a fling of impromptu trips to the Bahamas he became tired of the crime life. So when a friend who he looked up to (because he made more money than him) told him one day, "Yo, Ice, you got a chance. Do that rap thing," the word "chance" made him keep thinking and he gave up hustling completely. And because every hip-hop artist needs a nom de guerre, Tracy took the name "Ice-T" because he used to quote Iceberg Slim (former pimp, turned author) novels to his homies who used to say to him, "Yo, kick some more of that by Ice, T", leading him to combine the two last words making it Ice-T.

Alexander Ramalho