Are The Wu-Tang Clan Vegetarians?



The Wu-Tang Clan have been known to drop a lot of knowledge on their records and their favorite cuisines have often been apart of their lyrical palettes from one their members being known as "the Chef" to Ghostface Killah who has diabetes and often raps about how he eats to stay healthy and strong. But there are also six Wu-Tang Clan members and affiliates who are vegetarian: DJ Mathematics, RZA, GZA, Masta Killa., Method Man and Killah Priest.

Here's what GZA told Eater about his vegetarian journey, "Well, I wasn't raised a vegetarian, I wish I was, though. I mean, that's really the best way to go. I just learned at a young age and stopped eating some things. As far as being a vegetarian it's a moral thing, a health thing, a conscious thing — a combination of all. I think it's better to be that way. When I was growing up I never really ate vegetables, I was just a hot dog, hamburger, french fry person like most kids."

He also told the story of how he teased Method Man into becoming a vegetarian, "Oh! I think Meth is vegetarian now too! Cuz I used to always get on him with his steaks. I used to say you 'you eatin' a pig pussy T-Bone?' He'd be like, 'C'mon Jus, cmon, GZA, man stop!' And then about a year and a half ago he was like, 'You know I'm a vegetarian now, right?' I heard Redman was one too now actually."

Killah Priest was also talked into becoming a vegan by GZA. This is what he told First We Feast, “I remember he showed me this YouTube video,” he recalls. “That kind of turned my head about not wanting to eat animals. GZA was talking to me about it and explaining it all.”

With so many vegans and vegetarians in the Clan, it's not surprising that their leader RZA is also a vegan. Both RZA and Masta Killa are PETA supporters and have participated in official PETA videos sharing their convictions. 

Alexander Ramalho