Was Biggie Smalls Of Jamaican Descent?


Biggie was born to two Jamaican parents in New York City. His mother Voletta Wallace was a preschool teacher and his father was, Selwyn George Latore was a welder and a politician. Latore was already married to another woman and by the time Biggie was a toddler he was out of the picture. Voletta then poured all her energy into raising Biggie as a single-mother, essentially attempting to contribute the resources of at least two parents.

Ready to die, why I act that way?
Pop duke left mom duke, the faggot took the back way
- Biggie (The What)



Biggie was known to incorporate a lot of Jamaican slang into his raps with terms such as lambsbread (weed), bloodclaat (tampon), and countless other references to Jamaican culture and music. 

He also guested on 90s Dancehall queen and style icon Patra's Dreams (Just Playin') and Super Cat's "Dolly My Baby". He also featured Jamaican singer Diana King on his track "Respect".

"My cyan tek it no more!"

- Biggie Smalls on "Dolly My Baby"

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