How Much Did Biggie Smalls Weigh Throughtout His Life? And How Tall Was He?

Biggie Smalls was a tall guy (and a big guy), but what was Biggie's height and weight exactly?

For American fans, Biggie's height was an impressive 6 foot and 3 inches (6 ft 3 in or 6' 3''). European fans will likely want his measurements in centimeters, which is 189 cm. Biggie's height was well above average, which begs the next question. How much did Big Poppa weigh?

Note Biggie Smalls autopsy which was released in 2012 reports his height to be 6 foot and 2 inches (6 ft 2 in or 6' 2'') (189 cm)

How much did Big Smalls weigh? Varying reports say anywhere from 300 lb (pounds) to 380 lb (pounds). The variation is understandable as most people will go up and down the scale depending on the amount of food intake and diet as well as levels of activity over a period of time.

What was Biggie's weight in kg (kilograms)? His reported weight converted to kilograms was 136 kg at the ''lightest'' to 172 kg at his heaviest.

However, the autopsy (released in 2012) report proves an even more devastating weight of 395 pounds (lbs) which converted to kilograms is 179 kg!



Our theory behind Biggie's expanding weight towards the end of his life is due to the combination of more luxurious food options (rich sauces, steaks etc.) and the almost crippling car accident in 1996 which made Biggie dependent on a cane for walking. This, of course, made it harder for him to practice any kind of cardio exercises or sports.

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