What’s Up With Biggie’s Eyes?

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What Is Strabismus?

You’ve probably seen it in pictures that there’s something abnormal about Biggie’s eyes, either he seems cross-eyed or he seems to be going in two different directions. What Biggie had is called strabismus, which is a medical condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object.

“Walleyed” Vs “Crosseyed”

There are two types of strabismus, one where the eye points towards the nose (cross-eyed), and one where the eye points away from the nose, called “walleye”. From studying photos of Biggie, it’s clear that he had a pretty strong case of “walleye”.



The medical term for Biggie’s strabismus is called “exotropia” also known as “walleye” in colloquial terms. We hope this clears up some misunderstanding surrounding “crosseyed” vs. “walleyed”.

Did Biggie Rap About His Condition?

According to Biggie’s lyrics in “My Downfall” he states that his vision is in excellent condition. This can very well be true because strabismus does not always affect the person’s vision, but onset in childhood can lead to a lack of depth-sight. While onset in adulthood can lead to double-vision.

Sorta like Daddy Dearest, my vision be the clearest

Silencers so you can't hear it

Many fans might have heard Biggie’s lyrics the song above and made the connection between Biggie’s eyes and his tendency to rap words related to either vision or seeing.

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