You'll Be Shocked When You Find Out Where Tupac Shakur's Ashes Are Spread

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There are three stories circulating regarding what happened to Tupac's ashes, two are totally credible and the last one is dubious. Let's address the dubious claim first. Tupac had a group called the Outlawz, and they claim to have smoked Tupac's ashes at various locations. However, no group member actually seems to agree on the time and place this supposedly happened, which puts the whole claim under a big shadow of doubt. The whole smoking of Tupac's ashes story comes from a line in his posthumous song “Black Jesuz” where he raps “Cremated, last wishes? Niggas smoke my ashes”.

Now that we got that out of the way we can get into the two stories that come from a more credible source, namely Tupac's dearly departed mother, Afeni Shakur. The day after Tupac died, he was cremated, and his remains were given to his mother. The dates for the following are not documented, but Afeni has said that she spread her son's ashes over a special place in Los Angeles and that she took the remaining ashes back to her home in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Once at her farm home, she then spread the rest of the ashes in her garden. 



The third story once again comes from Tupac's mother Afeni Shakur. And this story happened in connection with the 10th anniversary of Tupac's death, which was in 2006. The story is that Afeni Shakur took her sons ashes to Soweto in South Africa, which according to her is the “birthplace of his ancestors”. She also says that Soweto is the "birthplace of the South African struggle for democracy and against apartheid", and that she had a great influence on her son's views of the struggle for black rights. There are other plans in connection with Afeni's visit to South Africa, such as the construction of a memorial in Soweto honoring Tupac, which will be part of a South African music and arts museum, park and more. She said: "Events that happened [in Soweto] are so much a part of our history and it will be an honor for my son to rest in this special place".

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