A Day In The Life Of Juelz Broadus (Snoop Dogg's Puppy)

Does Snoop Dogg have a dog? Yes, he does! His name is Juelz Broadus and he’s a French bulldog. Juelz was given to Snoop by Wiz Khalifa in October of 2015 as a birthday present. Juelz was adopted and given Snoop’s family name, Broadus, making him officially family. Soon after Juelz was given his very own instagram account and he quickly amassed 5K followers and he currently stands at 44K.

On Juelz ‘gram we get to see some of the highlights of his dog life including riding shotgun with Snoop, hanging out in the studio, and being cuddled by a group of hot strippers and more!

Riding Shotgun With Poppa Snoop

Riding around town with Poppa Snoop is a lot of fun and there’s always the option of grabbing at a local drive through!

Grabbing Lunch While Driving Across Town

After lunch it’s time to head over to the strip club and hang out with the hot dancers. The best perk about hanging out with the girls is all the free cuddles!

Juelz Always Gets Lots Of Free Cuddles At The Strip Club

After enjoying himself at the strip club, it’s time to get some exercise, next stop the basketball court. Time to burn some calories!

Juelz Loves To Burn Some Calories Playing B-Ball

Time To Catch Some ZZZ’s…See You Tomorrow

juelz snoop sleepin.jpg

After a long and busy day filled with excitement, it’s time to catch some ZZZ’s before another big day tomorrow. Snoop and Juelz always sleep great together. Good night my fans, see you tomorrow! 🐶💤

Alexander Ramalho