1983: Year Five in the Hip-Hop History Video Series

This video is packed with great tracks from many legendary groups and artists from the early days of hip-hop. And for the very first time in the series, this Top 20 Video features only music videos, live performances or dance videos. Meaning no 'picture' videos, making this the most visually entertaining video so far. It also packs some great musical highlights including introducing one of hip-hop's greatest groups of all-time. Namely, the one and only RUN-DMC who have to live performances in this video, the first is a TV performance of 'Sucker MC's' on a very short-lived hip-hop tv show called 'Graffiti Rock' hosted by Michael Holman. The second track is 'It's Like That' which is taken from 'Krush Groove', the 1985 movie which tells the story of Def Jam Records. Another first is the appearance of west coast gangsta rapper Ice-T with his track 'The Coldest Rap' which was released only as a single with the B-Side 'Cold Wind Madness' which you can hear in the other video about 1983 which is 'Audio Only' called '24 Hip-Hop Tracks from 1983'.

Other than the aforementioned artists there are amazing appearances from The Fearless Four with 'Problems of the World'. Whodini with a 'scary' performance of 'Haunted House of Rock' while another seminal crew (no pun intended) Crash Crew prove that 'We Are Known MC's'. 1983 also marks the appearance the first white rappers on wax, namely 'The Beastie Boys' with their strange, yet funky track 'Cooky Puss'. There truly were a lot of great groups back in the day and 'Grandmaster Flash and The Furious 5' have two music videos in this compilation. The first is a great track titled 'New York, New York' which was infamously covered by Tha Dogg Pound & Snoop Doggy Dogg in 1995 right when the East Coast - West Coast war was popping off. There's also plenty of high-quality breakdance footage from the 80's as well as some dance show footage with classic dance tracks like Captain Rapp's 'Bad Times (I Can't Stand It) and Cybotron's 'Clear'. Below this video, Retro Hip Hop Magazine is featuring a NEW version of 'You Gotta Believe' by Lovebug Starski! 

The Legendary Hip Hop Artist/DJ Lovebug Starski teams up with fellow legend B-Fats for You Gotta Believe II Shot in New York City(Harlem,The Bronx) Lovebug re-sends a positive message to the youth for distribution in schools and every hood worldwide.You Gotta Believe

And here's the original song with the new music video

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