1980: Hip-Hop's Sophomore Year On Wax

Hip-Hop's second year on wax is an amazingly strong year featuring a range of great material from legendary artists and watching this video will be a joyous and educational experience. From the first political rap song ever recorded - Brother D and The Collective's 'How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise' to Kurtis Blow's hit song 'The Breaks' which chronicles all the day-to-day problems and we all face on a catchy funk track, 1980 was a great year in recorded rap's history. 

Practically the entire Top 15 is one highlight after another. The police siren intro to Tanya Winley's 'Vicious Rap' reminds us of the sounds of later 'gangsta rap', while The Treacherous Three's classic 'Body Rock' incorporates a funky breakdance rhythm with electric guitars and is a truly exhilarating experience. Afrika Bambaataa's 'Death Mix' gives you that authentic sound reminiscent of pre-recording days hip-hop when Hip-Hop existed only on the streets and in local dancehalls. The underrated Jimmy Spicer appears with his classic 'Adventures of Super Rhyme (Rap)' which is a chilled out rap song for the ages.

Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five show their party rocking abilities with their barn burning single  'Freedom'. Blondie's Deborah Harry showcases her white girl rapping skills by namechecking hip-hop pioneers Fab Five Freddy and Grandmaster Flash on 'Rapture'. The Sugar Hill Gang follow up 'Rapper's Delight' success with '8th Wonder' proving they were more than a one-hit wonder with this funky and memorable melody. 

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Alexander Ramalho