Hip-Hop Pioneer Lovebug Starski Passes Away Unexpectably At 57 | R.I.P.

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Lovebug Starski passed away from a heart attack in Las Vegas on February 8, 2018, according to sources close to him. He was 57 at the time of his death. He has three daughters Shantel Sha’Lise Williams from the Bronx NY and two other daughters from New York. Classic Hip Hop Magazine extends it's condolences to Lovebug's family and friends. 

Kevin Smith, better known as Lovebug Starski, was considered one of the first Hip Hop style rappers and was famous for his ability to rap and DJ at the same time. Here's what Kurtis Blow had to say about Lovebug's unique ability: 

“He was a great DJ, but he could rap really well too. He was a versatile DJ, meaning he could play in any market and play all kinds of beats. He was very talented and was the first person I saw DJ and rap at the same time.”

Love Bug Starski was one of either two people who came up with the term hip-hop, thus being the inventor or co-inventor of the name for the culture and music form that is hip-hop. He was a famous DJ around New York during the 70s and 80s djing many parties with his partner DJ Hollywood. He like many other early rappers at the time was able to sign with a record company and he released his first single in 1979 titled "Gangster of Rock" under the name Little Starski on Golden Flamingo Records. He went on to record many more singles and finally released his debut record "House Rocker" in 1986. 

Love Bug Starski lived a positive life like his 1981 record "Positive Life" says and he made a new version of his classic "You've Gotta Believe" which was distributed for free to schools all around New York City. Watch the video right here. R.I.P. Lovebug Starski! 

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