Nas Album Done and Produced By Kanye? | Wishlist For New Nas Album


Kanye West has been in the media spotlight lately tweeting about amongst other things "his love for his brother" the President, but amidst these tweets, he has also revealed some pleasant musical surprises that have left fans excited for new Kanye music this year. He tweeted that he will be producing and releasing albums with the following artists: Pusha T (May 25th), Kid Cudi (June 8th), Teyana Taylor (June 22nd) as well as his own solo album dropping June 1st. He then added as a footnote: Nas June 15th. This last announcement is what has fans of classic hip-hop talking. So CHHM decided to make a list of wishes for how we would like to hear the new Nas album produced by Kanye.

Nobody had a clue that Kanye and Nas had been working together, but this won't the first time these two have collaborated with past songs like «Still Dreaming» and «Let There Be Light» on Nas' 2006 album «Hip-Hop Is Dead» and «We Major» from Kanye's 2005 album «Late Registration».

  • Number one: We want the album to actually come out! Remember when DJ Khaled dropped «Nas Album Done» back in 2016 on his «Major Key» album? Then nothing happened and we haven't heard about it since. Kanye hasn't always been the most reliable when it comes to dates of releases. Remember «The Life of Pablo» roll-out?

  • Number two: We want a sound that complements Nas' old school flow and considering Nas' (bad) beat choices which have been a widely discussed topic, this collaboration should definitely fix that. However, can we expect an old school style like 2004's «College Dropout» (unlikely) or even 2010's «My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy»? That's probably unlikely too since Kanye has continued to evolve and his latest album, 2016's «The Life of Pablo» has been both a commercial and critical success so no matter what Kanye produces for Nas it's sure to be exciting.

  • Number three: We want a return to the quality lyrics that Nas once was known for when he was still a hungry MC. He seems to have gotten laxer and laxer with his penmanship over the years. Maybe we can hope for a return to form now that he has 'Ye by his side?

  • Number four: We want an album that is not overcrowded with guest MCs. Like on his first three albums he handled the vast majority of the mic time and we wouldn't mind a return to that approach. 'Ye included should stay behind the boards for most of this one.

  • Number five: We want an age-appropriate Nas album. Like Jay-Z was able to tackle some very personal and mature subject matter on 4:44 and come across as an experienced individual, we would like to see Nas (who is 44) try this approach on this new album. He should know his fanbase and give them what they desire to hear.

Now we don't even know the extent to which Kanye is going to be involved in Nas' new album but we all hope he's producing the whole thing. We'll see June 15th!

Alexander Ramalho