Daz Dillinger Calls For Crips To Come Together And Inflict Violence On Kanye West

In a recent home video the Dogg Pound rapper Daz Dillinger shares his theory about Kanye West:

«It's like we all in one boat and they killin' all of us and he jump over there and say «mastah, I'm on yo side, mastah. I got all the information and I'm with you mastah Trump. Burn all these niggas" And we lookin' at him like, «Man, what's that movie Jamie Foxx was in? That's Kanye West. He da muthafuckin' Samuel L. Jackson outta hip-hop, in dat movie».

Daz Dillinger then announces a «national crip-alert» and calls for the crips to come together and inflict violence on Kanye West when they see him. Warning him to not hold any concerts and to stay in Calabasas when he's in California.

Daz Dillinger should be held accountable by the law if anything happens to Kanye West. And if the hip-hop community condones Daz Dillinger and his message, then hip-hop is on the side of lawlessness and violence. Just like when Biggie and Tupac were shot and killed over gang-related crimes, Daz is perpetuating that same culture today. 

CHHM would like to say to Kanye West and his family, stay safe!

Alexander Ramalho