Royce 5'9" & Eminem Warn Mumble Rappers On Book Of Ryan (Music Videos)

Royce 5'9" Book Of Ryan was released on May 4, 2018

Royce 5'9" Book Of Ryan was released on May 4, 2018

Royce 5'9" is one of hip-hop's top veteran artists how is more than two decades deep in the game and he's still expanding his sphere of lyricism with Book of Ryan. Ryan is his birth name and as the title implies Royce is offering us a more personal look into his life than ever before. Book of Ryan is going to even more personal than 2016's Layers, as he told Vibe Magazine, "this is a very personal one" and more introspective than his previous work, saying that "it's really, really a lot of the stuff that I want to share".

"Boblo Boat" is one of the best songs on the album and J. Cole and Royce fit together like peanut butter & jelly over this Cool & Dre and 808-Ray's beat which is dripping with old-school nostalgia.

Book of Ryan is Royce's second overall project this year, after March's PRhyme 2 with DJ Premier, and personal album which is exemplified on the album skit "Who Are You" which features his son, James, who has chosen his father as his inspirational figure for a school report, but then realizes that, "How can I write the paper of my father when I don't know who he is?"

The album features solid production from DJ Khalil, Mr. Porter, and S1. While guest rappers like J. Cole, his Detroit homie Eminem, Pusha T and others join the show, there's no doubt that this is the Royce 5'9" show and this is his most personal album-to-date. 

"Caterpillar" is a show lyrical strength from the old guard which features Royce's old buddy Eminem, as they take the time to warn the mumble rappers that their skills are deadly and should not be taken lightly.

Alexander Ramalho