Illmatic Brought To Life Like Never Before On NEW Release (Listen Here)


There's little doubt that Illmatic is one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all-time despite being a little bit short in length, yet packed with timeless classics! There have been a slew of Illmatic editions realeased in recent years but none of them have been as essential as Illmatic: Live From Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra which is a beautiful piece of hip-hop art brought to life in a way like never before with lush orchestration and a live rhythm section. And last but not least Nas' spirited performance which includes plenty of adlibbing throughtout the songs adding even more context to his stellar poetry. 

Brings me back! I used to come outside on the block...the basketball court was cracked and you still playing ball...shooting on a rusty rim. I lived on the fifth floor...Wow...Remember those days like yesterday...memories man, they feed the soul - Nas reminisced before performing 'Memory Lane (Sittin' in da Park)'

The concert was filmed by PBS back in 2014 and was available for viewing earlier this year (2018), but now we get to to hear this performance in audio form which is the format where it truly shines. Enjoy the crisp and lush soundscapes of this breathtaking live performance which was a once in lifetime experience that we are lucky enough to revisit again and again through this release!

Alexander Ramalho