Past Times: P Diddy Buys Painting By African-American For $21 Million

past times.jpg

It's been revealed that the sale of a piece of art titled "Past Times" by Kerry James Marshall has gone to none other than P Diddy for a whopping $21 million and it's widely reported that it's the most ever paid for the work of a living African-American artist. 

The dealer representing Mr. Marshall in New York - Jack Shainman - told the New York Times that Diddy was introduced to the painter's work by his friend Swizz Beatz who is a avid art collector himself. 

"Past Times", measures 157 inches (4 meters) wide and shows African-Americans relaxing in a Chicago Park, playing golf and croquet while an older person and a teenager listen to The Temptations and Snoop Dogg on each their radios while they relax on a picnic blanket. On the lake behind them you can see a man driving a speedboat while a woman in a bikini water-skiis on tow. 

The artist, Kerry James Marshall (b. 1955), is a local hero from Chicago who has been a rising star in the museum world, with major retrospectives in Chicago and Los Angeles. His portrayals of what it means to be black in America have expanded the frontiers of art, and the subjects his lively paintings embrace such as - youths, homes, nudes and families at leisure - challenge racial stereotypes. You can read this NY Times article for a more in-depth look at this exciting African-American painter.

"Past Times" was originally bought in 1997 for a public event in Chicago for $25,000 and has now, 21 years later, gone for $21 million to P Diddy. The dealer representing the sale, Jack Shainman told the NY Times, “I know that this work has found a home in a collection with purpose and an eye toward preserving legacy — that of Sean Combs, and that means a lot."

Alexander Ramalho