Listen to Daz Dillinger's New Kanye West Diss Track 'True To The Game'


Daz Dillinger got caught up in the recent Kanye West controversies when he posted a video on himself calling for a "Crip Alert", urging the infamous Los Angeles gang to put a beating on Kanye West's ass (Daz has purchased the domain WWW.FUCKKANYEUP.COM, which is currently "in construction"). The video caused a stir, with some agreeing full heartedly and others denouncing the use of violence in political disagreements. And now Daz has been smart and capitalized on the attention and made a Kanye diss track using Ice-Cube's "True To The Game" instrumental. Daz incorporates the original song's lyrical structure while updating certain parts to target Kanye specifically.

The theme of Daz Dillinger's version of "True To The Game" is about Kanye selling out black Americans by showing support for a white supremacist President. As a political and powerful MC, Ice Cube comes at those who would rather follow fads and trends than remain true to themselves.

The greatest feature of Daz Dillinger's new version is how he incorporates audio from Kanye's visit to TMZ Live. The audio includes TMZ staffer Van Lathan giving a thoughtful and powerful response to Kanye's speech, as well as audio of First Take's Stephen A. Smith, President Donald Trump, and Kanye himself. 

Alexander Ramalho