Check Out The NEW NAS Album Tracklist Here! - Posted By @KanyeWest

Since the original Kanye West media hoopla last month, there hasn't been any new information regarding the upcoming Nas album.

Until now.

The seven-track album is currently as follows: "Everything", "Bonjour", "Not For Radio", "Adam & Eve", "Simple Things", "Cops", and "I Can Explain". 

This is actually Nas's first album in six years and Kanye is delighted to be working on all the new projects, as he explained on Twitter

 “Just wanted to say I’m up in the morning working on the Nas album and I’m so humbled by all the love we’re getting on these albums,” he said. “We’re still the kids we used to be. We’re here creating in real time just having fun. I hear the albums blasting out of the cars when I walk down the street. Kids come up to me and tell me their favorite songs. We’re experimenting with new sounds structures and ideas.”

“We’re trying new ideas without the fear of not being perfect… It’s just a gut feeling sometimes… just making stuff with your friends…”

These are exciting times for fans and artists alike, so be sure to remember to come back to Classic Hip Hop Magazine on June 15th to stream the new Nas album along with the whole world.