Ice-Cube Receives Celebration of Life Plaque From Compton City Official At BIG3 Event

Cube was at the Dream hotel in Hollywood on the night before his 49th birthday to promote the upcoming season of his 3-On-3 basketball league BIG3 when he received a very special gift from the city of Compton. 

Ice-Cube was awarded the "Celebration of Life" plaque from Compton City Council member Isaac Galvan who added that Cube would soon receive the keys to his native city as Kendrick Lamar did 2 years ago. 

Galvan said that he gave Ice-Cube the award for being a “guy that came from our community, championed our city around the world, and has been a positive role model."

And we agree Ice-Cube is a good role-model indeed. He's a successful businessman from the hood who invests in good ol' fashioned entertainment such as sports with his BIG3 basketball league. Don't forget to tune into the second season of BIG3 basketball at their website or on Fox Sports this Friday on June 22.

Alexander Ramalho