Did Prodigy Choke On Food Or Did The Hospital Fail To Keep P Alive?

It was reported by The Source that on June 15, Prodigy's family and estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Las Vegas hospital he was staying at before his death. The lawsuit alleges that one of the physicians at the Spring Valley Medical Center provided improper medical care resulting in Prodigy's death.

Prodigy's death occurred while he was on the Art of Rap Tour in Las Vegas. Following his last performance on June 28, 2017, he suffered a significant medical episode related to his life-long battle with sickle-cell anemia. Just days later on June 20, Prodigy was discovered by hospital staff...unresponsive.

The official report stated that Prodigy passed away due to choking on food. But Prodigy's family claim that the Spring Valley hospital “failed to maintain access to a working IV” while also “failing to continuously monitor his oxygen levels” which was an  order from the physicians at the hospital, and that those failures lead to Prodigy's death.

Classic Hip-Hop Magazine sends it's thoughts and condolences to Prodigy's family and friends. We will continue to show our support for Prodigy during these difficult times and we will keep you posted on any future updates.

Alexander Ramalho