Will Smith Not Butthurt Over Nicky Jam Remix Of Icon, Drops His Own Verse...In Spanish!

Instead of getting butthurt over being left out of his son's remix of "Icon" with Nicky Jam, Will Smith decided to add his own verse to the song. This is not the first time Will has pulled such a move with the original version of Jaden Smith's SYRE track.

The description for Will's remix reads, “Nicky Jam isn’t the only one hopping on a remix of Jaden’s smash ‘Icon'."

On the song, Will rightfully raps “Boy, you know why you is a icon living? You was born from a icon living.” And keeping with the reggeaton feel of the remix, Will busts some rhymes in Spanish. And the fans are loving it, with Will's remix receiving over a half million views on YouTube since dropping the track on June 5th.

All competition with his son Jaden aside, there's no doubt that the former Fresh Prince is still the Big Willie - he has own track with Nicky Jam too - the official World Cup 2018 song!

Alexander Ramalho