J. Cole And Lil Pump Are Cool Now, So Pump Says "Fuck Russ"



Everybody has heard about the J. Cole and Lil Pump beef stemming from the "1985" and "Fuck J. Cole" tracks respectively. But do you remember Russ who caught heat for dissing today's producers with wack beats? Here's what he had to say, “People blame the rappers for the state of Hip Hop, but rappers are not making the music,” he said. “You gotta blame the producers. If a producer sends me a pack of 20 beats and they’re all wack and sound the same, I’m just fucked. I just have to pick the best of the worst. It’s not the rapper’s fault.”

However it wasn't only the beats that Russ was criticizing, it was also the glorification of drugs in rap. Although Lil Pump has officially quit drugs this year, he has made a career off of rapping about drugs, which is why he might feel targeted. It's going to be interesting to see if Pump and Russ sit down to have a talk about drugs sometime soon. But of course, they've got to get the beef started properly first. And Lil Pump has gotten it off to a good start with his Tweet. Check it out.

Also check out the video which got producers up in arms, including Metro Boomin and Southside producers.

Alexander Ramalho