Spotify Team Up With Pharrell Williams For Black History Is Happening Now Project

Spotify will be collaborating with creative powerhouse Pharrell Williams to highlight the achievements of black people in America through a joint campaign called Black History Is Happening Now. The digital content they create aims to inspire especially black female creatives by celebrating achievements. 

The goal is to celebrate black history throughout the year, surpassing the annual celebration in February and extending it to a monthly event. Creative group Saturday Morning will bring year-round exposure to figures and organizations through video, podcasts, and music. Pharrell's role in the project is his ability to have his finger on the pulse of what is "happening right now".

 Pharrell's expert knowledge and insight into black culture will be showcased in three original videos titled "Pharrell Is Black History", "A Very Serious Force", and "Something Awakening". The videos will be directed by Paul Hunter (co-founder of PRETTYBIRD) and will be exclusive to the platform.

“I think that what’s going to save not only this country but save the world are the Gen Z’ers, the Millennials, and the women,” Pharrell speaks in the "A Very Serious Force" video clip.

That quote has motivated the streaming service to support in particular black female creators with the message that “black women are a very serious force". The goal is to find three creative black women who will provide funding for content that supports other similar up and coming figures.

Check out the video "A Very Serious Force" right here and be sure to continue to follow Spotify's content for Black History Is Happening Now.

Alexander Ramalho