Get Early Access To Pusha T's New Song Rating App Heir


Pusha T has had a great summer with the release of his critically acclaimed album Daytona. If that wasn't enoough things are about to get even brighter for G.O.O.D. Music president with the release of the groundbreaking app Heir.

Much like Classic Hip Hop Magazine, Pusha T's new app is concerned with an accurate appreciation of hip-hop songs. CHHM is currently building a mathematical database of song/album reviews covering the old school/classic hip-hop. While Pusha T's new app Heir will let fans decide the quality of modern hip-hop as well. 

By hooking up with Silicone Valley technology firm Summer Watson, the new Heir app will let fans vote up or down on tracks while amassing something called "crowns". If you down-vote a song which is hot in the Heir community your "crowns" can be lost. This makes the process have some intrinsic value by limiting people's negative feedback to a reasonable degree.

For those curious, early access the to the application is available to a select number of those who apply. As the Heir app states, “You’re a hip-hop fan. You know what you like. You have an ear for what other heads will like (or hate).”

Alexander Ramalho