Was Tupac's Murder Weapon Found In A Compton Backyard In 1998?

There are documents that say a possible murder weapon in the Tupac Shakur case was found 20 years ago in a backyard in Compton California, although its location today is a mystery.

It was the producers of A&E's Who Killed Tupac? who discovered the information that a .40 caliber Glock was found by Deputy T. Brennan in a citizen’s backyard in 1998. According to police, it was booked as evidence on May 30, 1998, however, in 2000 over 3000 confiscated firearms were transferred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, including the Glock.

It was the crafty detective work of Deputy Brennan which made the connection between the Glock found in the backyard and Tupac's unsolved murder. In 2006 while working on the Notorious B.I.G. case, Brennan recognized the address where the gun was found, as the address of the girlfriend of a crip member who had a beef with Tupac.

The unfortunate fact is that the gun may never have reached the Las Vegas Police Department who were investigating Tupac's murder. The documents found show that the federal prosecutor assigned to the case was concerned that the discovery of the gun would alert potential conspirators. He then recommended the gun should not get turned over to the LVPD. 

When the Benjamin Crump and the A&E series contacted the LVPD, some officers claimed that the gun never got to them while others simply didn't know if they received the Glock. Today the Glock's location is unknown.

Alexander Ramalho