Kanye West Wants To Open A Family-Style Restaurant That's Affordable Yet High-End

David Shankbone - Creative Commons

David Shankbone - Creative Commons

A family-style restaurant is Kanye's latest idea and it was inspired by none other than his buddy Nas. Nas has become a serious investor and entrepreneur in recent years and it was the success of his very own Sweet Chick restaurants which sparked Kanye's new passion. RadarOnline's source says, “Kanye watched him build that business practically overnight and it lit a fire under him.”

RadarOnline's source was also able to share the concept behind Kanye's planned restaurant, “He has this vision of creating high-end comfort food just like his mom used to make – but with a price tag that’s as eye-watering as it is mouth-watering, of course.”

At the moment Kanye is looking for the right location for his new restaurant, 
“Kanye’s shopping for the ideal premises to create a flagship restaurant in Calabasas.''

Many people might not know that Kanye has his own food company KW Foods and that back in 2008 he made a deal to open up ten Fatburger restaurants around the Chicago area.

Alexander Ramalho