Judge Brinkley's Lawyer Tells The Truth About Her Decision In Meek Mill's Case

A recording just leaked showing the lawyer for Judge Genece Brinkley (from the Meek Mill case) actually telling Brinkley over the phone that she was wrong for not granting Meek Mill a new trial. The comments were recorded off-the-record during an interview for a new prison documentary by Amazon and Roc Nation. 

In the off-the-record comments, Peruto (Brinkley's lawyer) is heard telling Brinkley over the phone that she was wrong in not allowing Meek Mill another trial. After hanging up with Brinkley he tells the reporter that, "she [Brinkley] looks f**king awful" in regards to her appearance. 

Peruto has now denied the comments and says he has been "consistent" with his defense of Brinkley. And added that, “If I said something off the record, it should not be on the transcript." 

Judge Brinkley herself wrote a 47-page document citing a lack of investigation into the accusations of Mill's arresting officer (taking money from a drug bust). She wrote, “Ultimately, the allegations of misconduct related to Officer Graham do not relate to the facts of [Mill’s] case … and do not create a question of credibility for [Mill’s] underlying trial and arrest."

Brinkley also wrote about the institution of slavery for some reason in her Meek Mill document, “The institution of slavery persisted in this country for over 300 years,” she wrote. “The continuation of these practices depended on the complicity of those who had the power to change it and believed that the practice was beyond reproach due to the longevity.”

The new Amazon prison documentary is made in collaboration with Roc Nation and Meek Mill's management company.

Alexander Ramalho