Stacey Dash Stars As Black Conservative, Milfred Fay Jefferson, In Roe vs Wade

Stacey Dash is possibly the most hated ''black'' woman in America due to her repulsive conservative views and now she's going to star in a new movie which, unfortunately, will be a pro-life propaganda piece. However, the worst part is that her role is as the first black woman (Mildred Fay Jefferson) to graduate from Harvard Medical school. And we must #NeverForget that Ms. Stacey lost her black card permanently in 2016 when she said there's no longer a need for the BET Awards or Black History Month!

The film is called Roe vs Wade and will star known conservatives Stacey Dash, Jon Voight and Robert Davi, and is based on the Roe v. Wade case from 1973 that granted a woman's right to an abortion. However it's concerning to know that the film will be ''pro-life'' as stated by the film's producer, Nick Loeb. Not to mention that Stacey Dash and Jon Voight are known Trump supporters, what a mess!

The film is already facing major controversy and is under such tight wraps that even major cast members have yet to be revealed, which is probably wisest on their part.

Dash's character, Mildred Fay Jefferson, was also a known conservative as well as the president of National Rights to Life. In this sad twist of irony, Dash is actually a fitting choice to play this historical black figure.

Alexander Ramalho