The Black Eyed Peas Sample Slick Rick In Their New Jazzy Boom-Bap Track

Throughout their career The Black Eyed Peas have sampled Slick Rick songs and now the “The Ruler” joins them in their new video for “Constant Part 1 & 2”. This release and Nas’ “Cops Shot The Kid” earlier this year are timely as the 30th anniversary of The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick is coming up in November.

The Black Eyed Peas have sold more than 40 million records worldwide and they have benefited from Slick RIck’s voice many times: “Don’t Lie” (2005), “The Beginning” (2010) and “Yesterday” (2015). While their new 2018 track “Constant” interpolates a memorable line from “La-Di-Da-Di” which blends nicely with this jazzy boom-bap track.

FACT: Slick Rick’s 1988 song “Children’s Story” is the most sampled song in hip hop history.

Alexander Ramalho