Kanye & Jay-Z Come Across Aisle To Create Follow Up Watch The Throne 2!

The two mega titan artists have supposedly squashed their differences and are ready to follow up one of the great albums of all-time. Kanye tweeted that "throne2 coming soon", while there's no word from Jay yet, we know that Jay is not on social media and likes to announce things the old fashioned way (through magazines, newspapers, TV etc). 

The fact that the two have patched things up is greatly positive, it shows that two men can set down their differences and come across the aisle to shake hands. On one side you have Kanye Making America Great Again and fighting for a higher cause through unconditional love and unity between the races. While on the other side you have Jay-Z, a staunch Obama supporter who's very much into Obama's strategy of using victim mentality as a means of gaining power (i.e. us vs. them mentality).

Yet, these opposite approaches to life and politics, they are coming together to stand face-to-face, man-to-man, and most importantly friend-to-friend. The fruits of this great reunion will be highly interesting on all levels, commercially, artistically, and spiritually. Watch The Throne II will undoubtedly be hip-hop's most anticipated project in 18/19 or whenever it will drop. Hopefully, they will drop it sooner than later, to ride the wave of events which have been surrounding Kanye this last year. 

Alexander Ramalho